Who we are?

ABCL INDIA One of emerging multi facet commercial and business financing service provider in India. We do expertise in business loan and commercial funding brokerage field. We are premier in business project total fundraising mostly medium projects up 100 CR INR. What is financial brokerage here? here financial brokerage mean mediator or broker service between business financiers or investors and business borrower..! Then what is project fund raising here? It is campaign to raise required fund to business or industry project, through equity and debt way. Yes, we do both for you!!!

Established in the year 2005 and Maintained good relatonship with number of reputed project (private) financiers, almost all Indian banks, Government sponsored industrial development I financing I credit agencies, state financial corporations, private funds, international project funders, international commercial financing agencies,  venture capitals, 1000s of angel investors and many leading business consultancies and rating agencies through out India. ABCL INDIA is the only one agency to provide total project fundraising brokerage service in India, to serve entrepreneurs to source & secure required total business fund, both equity and debt way. 

More other services are used industrial plant machinery heavy equipment deal to, higher level business liaison service, business buying and business selling mediator service, business acquisition loan brokering



ABCL INDIA- Bangaluru based  well coordinated network of professional experts from various corporate finance, project management, business management, business setup consultants, business modernization experts, business revival experts,  business standard certification consultants,  accounting,  business supportive consultancy fields etc.,. We have more than 100 consultants and 12 leading consultancy firms linked with it.
 ABCL INDIA is a reliable name in the industrial India today for offering integrated total consultancy services (a – z of project completion including total project financing). Its various services start from: Pre-feasibility study up to project commissioning.

What we do for you?

We do things one by one for you. Not mere advice..! Sure. We handle your business finance or commercial funding matter fully. Because we are expertise in business funding brokerage field. How? We approach banks or appropriate financial institutions or lenders and investors for you, we form financiers consortium for big funding need  and secure total finance..! Definite. You sign a deal agreement with us and assign us all duties…

Our core financing brokerage field is

Commercial financing or fund arrangement to microfinance or micro credit institutions 

Where Microfinance Institutions Get Their Finance? 

ABCL IINDIA helps existing microfinance or micro credit institutions to get their financing and to expand network through out India and new entrepreneurs who want to enter microfinance business or N.G.Os to setup new MFIs,  anywhere in India, both equity and debt )loan) way.  Here micro finance institutions get their finance…!!!

What is micro financing or microfinance?

Microfinance is the provision of financial services to those who are excluded from conventional commercial financial services since most are too poor to offer much - or anything - in the way of collateral. Microfinance refers to a movement that envisions a world in which low-income households have permanent access to a range of high quality financial services to finance their income-producing activities, build assets, stabilize consumption, and protect against risks. These services are not limited to credit, but include savings, insurance, and money transfers. “Microfinance” is often defined as financial services for poor and low-income clients.

How Microfinance and Micro credit works

It presents a series of exciting possibilities for extending markets, reducing poverty and fostering social change.

The concept of microfinance originated in the mid-1970s in Bangladesh through a pioneering experiment by Dr Muhammad Yunus, then a Professor of Economics.  His aim was to offer poor people:

  • financial services
  • entrepreneurship opportunities
  • an end to mistreatment by money lenders
  • a system where they could produce, manage and maintain their own finances

The most common form of microfinance is micro credit- the extension of small loans to entrepreneurs too poor to qualify for conventional bank loans. 

Microfinance and micro credit have two distinct advantages over charitable giving.  Firstly, it is sustainable and creates independence from aid, not dependence on it.  By giving a small loan to an individual, we hope to give them the ability to work their own way out of poverty.  Micro finance lends to groups of about 10 to 15 women, allowing individuals to support, encourage, and provide assistance to each other if things go wrong.

Secondly, it means that the money goes directly to the people who need it - bypassing the bureaucracy and corruption that can compromise traditional methods of charitable giving.

Moreover, Micro Loan (credit) never lends to individuals without first providing them with the expertise and training to build a business plan that is likely to succeed.

Microfinance is an effective tool that can help reduce poverty and spread economic opportunity by giving poor people access to financial services, such as credit and insurance.

Starting a microfinance  or micro credit or micro loan business  

 Don’t you know where to begin? 

WHEN the world is talking about slowdown and recession the microfinance sector is seeing continuous growth. It has touched the billion dollar mark and many young entrepreneurs are entering the business with an ambition to start a microfinance institution (MFI). It is estimated that there are over 1,000 MFIs operational in India currently, which have disbursed only 10% of the potential demand of over $50 billion. Due to a large section of Indians living below the poverty line, this demand for credit for the poor is expected to surge. A report states that Indian MFIs are expected to build a portfolio of $6.27 billion by 2012 by catering to over 48.7 million borrowers.  

Starting an MFI is not as complicated as other businesses in the financial sector. MFIs are traditionally floated by credit societies and trusts for disbursing credit amongst those they serve. 

Is this a good time to start a Micro Finance or micro credit business Institution? 

The situation may not be as simple as before but the field is certainly growing. Anyone entering the sector should arrange alternate source of funds now

Who can start a micro financing or micro credit business?

ABCL INDIA helps microfinance institutions (MFI) work better. "We work with existing MFIs and Newly starting micro finance institutions, mainly to source or secure financing for their functioning. . During this we help the entrepreneur in selecting the geography to operate, conducting field studies, putting together a branch network and more. 

It is now mainly into support for assisting microfinance or micro credit institutions  in India and providing full financial as well as non-financial support to micro finance (lenders) entrepreneurs.

To micro finance (lenders) entrepreneurs - They must understand that this is something that not only requires brains as a business person but where the heart is as most important. You must be able to identify the customer in a better way and must think beyond the usual 'loan disbursal for income generation' model and be open to disbursing money for other needs like making essential assets.

Why micro finance or micro credit business?  
n average MFIs (micro finance institute) charge interest of 25 - 30% annually. This could be considered very high but many poor people have been borrowing from private money lenders who not only lack transparency but are known to charge well over 100 200% annually. Moreover here get assistance to setup a enterprise and related training.
Isn’t it a saturated market? 
There are around small and medium 1,000 MFIs in India but there's still plenty of demand for micro finance as the number of poor people who need such services is huge. 
Bad loan or bad credit in microfinance field?
Contrary to what many believe, bad loans or bad debts in micro credit are a rarity. Just Only 2% of the total loan disbursed turns bad. It is excellent record.


Our Strategy in Commercial Financing


Ours is a well planned mixed strategy in commercial business project fund raising or commercial financing to micro finance..!! How is that? We use any one or combination of two or more of below factors to raise required fund.

Commercial banks (national and international banks)

Private project financiers (Islamic finance etc)

Government sponsored financial institution (like IFC and state financial corporations)

Special industrial development agencies (mostly Govt. sponsored) like KSIDC etc and various export credit agencies

We seek direct govt. share (private: public) from various state Govt.s (depend merit of proposed project)

International commercial funding agencies

Overseas commercial banks

Special NRI Group investment

Local based share raising programs

Venture capital investment

Angel investors (mostly to raise startup capital)


Attracting Features 

We offer up to 98% funding to reliable projects (both equity & debt way) –especially micro finance institutions under capable and reputed management –with social empowering view.

We arrange up to Rs. 100 CR to innovative microfinance enterprises 


 We offer project funding or commercial financing service to all category innovative projects, as below

You don't need a crystal ball to know that the coming year is going to be riddled with economic uncertainty and consumer anxiety. Some countries are already in recession and others are falling into it. But that doesn't mean that it will be a terrible time to start a business. It just means that some business opportunities will be better than others and that ideas for new businesses have to be scrutinized even more carefully


1.        Green food products- organic food is a trend now

2.         Green power products. Cleantech, including smart grid, solar, biofuels, and batteries 

3.         Discount retail. At Wal-Mart, dollar stores, and resale shops, business is booming

4.         Green construction project – eco friendly shopping cum residence projects

5.         Star category budget HOTEL projects – covering 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade towns – mostly tourism / commercial important towns.

6.         Eco friendly budget RESORT Projects – in tourism connected areas

7.         Specialty budget RESTARENT CHAIN (like Chinese, Malabar, Madrasi, Uduppi etc.,)

8.         Budget shopping cum residence project – construction to meet business (shop) and residence need of average income people  

9.        Green Health and wellness products and service.

10.      Eco- friendly products

11.       Milk and milk products – cow farm & dairy products

12.       Construct and maintain STORAGE FACILITIES- like GODOWN, COLD STORAGE et.,

13.       Affordable alcohol. We’re still drinking just as much, if not more, we’re just drinking lower-cost booze and we’re doing it at home.

14.       INFRA STRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS (Contracts / BOT) – Roads, bridges etc.,

15.       Govt.’s construction contract work – licensed contractor (infrastructure development)

16.       Advance vehicle rental service- car, bus etc., 200+ vehicles with full automated / online controlling system  

17.       Advanced logistic service – with infra structure

18.       Health Tourism – based hospital projects (recommend to doctor group promoters)

19.       IT projects with up dated view and assured market

20.       Meat purposed CATTLE FARM

21.       The senior market. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, three of the top 10 industries with the fastest employment growth relate to “aging services,” including healthcare, elderly and disabled services, and community care facilities for the elderly.

22.       Local business. The Department of Agriculture says that farmers markets have seen 20 percent annual growth for the past five years. Major chains are introducing “Locally Grown” sections to their produce departments and many launched a “Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food” marketing campaign.

23.       Recycling and environmental projects - 

24.       Pollution controlling Green Eco-Products

25.       Entertainment Amusement – Parks

26.       Entertainment -Animation Movie Production Houses

27.   World standard educational and training institutional projects

28.    Advanced construction material productions -  

29.   Micro Finance companies -under financial experts and economic professors - who hove got managerial capacity & entrepreneurial skill.

 There are 100s of new and innovative projects – must be new and innovative to sustain in any tight competition market…!!!!

 Do You Want Our Commercial Financing Service? 

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